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Make Money as a Single Group Tour Guide
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Earn 60% of your ticket price.
As your ratings increase, earn as much as 80%.

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Set up unlimited tours in unlimited time slots.

Choose where you Work.

Make a tour within walking, biking or driving distance.

It’s not Rocket Science

Get event ideas with our constantly updated Host Guideline.
Get transparent payment with the Earnings Calculator.

Single & Adventurous?

No Flaky People

Last minute no-shows are penalized 2X ticket price.
They most likely will-show.

No Subscriptions

Pay when your tour is set to go.
Don’t pay for an ‘improved chance’ of meeting someone

Security against Catfish.

All guests must upload a matching video and profile icon.

Have Fun!

Chit-Chat with guests. Date. Network. Learn.
Every human story starts with ‘Hi’.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not completely satisfied with your tour?
Get a full refund when you send us a 500 word critique.

Take a Singles-Only Tour

It is important that your inputs are accurate because they are used to build your profile. You are advised to fill in the basic details as much as possible that helps guide understand about you and your interests. Guests will be referred by the first name only to protect their identity. You always have the right to leave or terminate the trip if you think the date is not going the way you like or if the guide is not suitable.

Choose Your Own Rates

SingleStroll allow the guides to reserve the rights of choosing their own rates for a 1 day trip. Based on their knowledge of the unique & beautiful locations, Guides can charge as per their likes.

No Experience Required

In-order to join SingleStroll & serve as a guide, you don’t need to have any formal experience. The only mandatory thing is, you should have a good knowledge of your surrounding locations. Make it something you think guests would like.

Choose Your Own Destinations

Guides may choose the destinations of their choice on their own or by consulting the guests. SingleStroll will not interfere in the tour location selection process.

Choose Your Availability

Tour Guides can create trips at any time of day or night and of any duration. They may also cancel a tour up to 48 hours prior without penalty. Cancelling a trip 3 times in a row less than 48 hours prior will result in a temporary suspension.

100% Free Sign-Up

SingleStroll charges complete tour cost to the male visitors while a minimal trip cost is charged to female visitors, which will be returned to them when they complete their tour. So, trip is free for female guests!

Transportation Not Required

Tour Guides can conduct a tour within walking distance, biking distance, or driving distance. Since you choose the tour location, you can make it as close or far away as you like.

Opt Out Any Time

If you no longer want to be a guide or tour guest you may simply terminate your account in the Settings panel. Any outstanding wages or fees will be conducted upon account termination.